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Ranu Pani is an alternative-pop band from Jakarta established by Upi Majid. Ranu Pani started as Upi's bedroom project. Further, Ranu Pani ecome a band with support from another three members which are Miraj Al Dzahabi (Drum, Vocal), Ichsan Pramadi (Bass), and Haydar Narendradhipa (Keyboard, Vocal). Upi Majid has been sketching music since early 2017 in several genres. After a series of demos with various musical style, the project Ranu Pani was started in early 2018, with several songs selected under the genre of alternative-pop/dream pop/psyche-delic pop. Afterwards, the band began to reharsing to produce the live action. Ranu pani has released their Debut Double Single in 2018 named Kandas Lalu and Hilang Kemana. In 2020, Ranu Pani will be release their newest single called Pitaloka and their Debut Mini Album named "Keberangkatan".

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